Depend on Lasting Composite Fillings in Springfield, IL

Many people enjoy a perfect, beautiful smile throughout their lives. However, many others develop flaws in their teeth due to trauma or decay. Some of these flaws could include chipped dentin, cracked teeth, extra spaces between teeth, or excessive wear.

If you have any of these flaws in your smile, you don’t have to live with them. You can have the flawless, bright smile you deserve if you visit Milner Dentistry for composite fillings. Come to our office in Springfield, IL to learn more about installation and care.

What Makes Fillings Perfect for Chipped, Cracked, or Worn Teeth?

Composite fillings are just one of many filling options. However, unlike options like silver amalgam fillings, the composite option will blend in with the rest of your teeth and make your smile look more natural. Although silver fillings give you a durable, long-lasting solution, they look more metallic and unnatural.

At our office in Springfield, IL, we usually opt for the composite option because it receives such glowing reviews from our patients.

How Does Your Dentist Apply a Filling?

In one appointment, our dentists can use fillings to give you a new, flaw-free smile. You’ll receive a local anesthetic, at which point our dentists will remove any remaining decay and clean the affected area. Then we’ll put the composite fillings in place. Our dentists will finish by polishing the fillings to make them blend in with your natural teeth.

You may experience some sensitivity while your mouth recovers, so don’t feel alarmed if that happens. Your dentist will tell you more about continuing care at your appointment. Call our staff in Springfield, IL at (217) 528-3384 to book your visit today or schedule your appointment online



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