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Image of three children huggingLong-term oral health begins with learning the right hygiene skills in childhood. At Milner Dentistry, we enjoy caring for the young smiles in your family. Backed by his experience and a well-trained team, Dr. Milner strives to help children preserve their healthy smiles. We offer your loved ones the trusted dentistry and individual attention they deserve.

When it comes to managing your children's oral health, you can count on our team to provide proactive care and treat your child with respect. Whether your child needs a regular cleaning or has more complex dental needs, we are here to help. Get in touch with our friendly staff today and schedule your appointment.


Your Child's First Dental Visit

Your child's first visit is all about introducing them to the office. We will see your children starting at the age of one. During the initial appointment, Dr. Milner helps your child get used to visiting the dentist and perceive it as a fun activity. We introduce your child to our welcoming staff and cozy office environment.

Our team believes that building a trusting relationship with your child is key to eliminating dental anxiety. We also use this opportunity to familiarize your child with dental equipment using simple words and concepts.

The goal of this visit is for your child to leave our office feeling confident and happy.

Why Primary Teeth Are Important

Your children will only keep their primary or baby teeth between 5-10 years before permanent teeth replace them. Yet it is crucial to keep these baby teeth in perfect condition to give your little ones excellent future oral health.

Here is why baby teeth deserve your care:

  • Act as Placeholders for Permanent Teeth - Adult or permanent teeth develop from the same place as primary teeth. While we only see baby teeth, adult teeth are forming below them underneath the gums. If a baby tooth falls out prematurely, it might cause one of the growing adult teeth to shift into that space, leaving little room for the adjacent adult tooth.
  • Play a Role in Speech Development & Clarity – On average, children develop most of their speech articulation skills between the ages of two and five. Teeth play an essential role in helping a child create various sounds in the mouth. Many of the letters directly involve the use of teeth such as the "d,” "f," and "th" sounds.
  • Support Proper Chewing - Children with decayed primary teeth are more likely to be underweight and exhibit dietary deficiencies. Their poor chewing leads to the child's inability to break down food in the mouth thoroughly enough to maintain good nutrition.
  • Help Develop Oral Hygiene Habits - Baby teeth allow your children to practice dental hygiene habits before their adult teeth grow. These teeth represent a preparatory step for caring for permanent teeth.

Our Approach to Children's Dentistry

Our talented dentist has a gentle chairside manner and a friendly, fun approach to children's dentistry. We provide a positive, relaxing atmosphere in which we put children's well-being first, and we support every child throughout the journey to long-lasting oral health. Here is how we care for the smiles or your loved ones.

Child-Friendly Education - Our staff will help you understand how hygiene and diet affect your child’s tooth development and oral health. We use models, computer technology, and kid-friendly language to educate children entertainingly. Your kids will learn proper hygiene and the importance of keeping teeth strong and healthy.

Precise Monitoring of Growing Smiles - As your child's smile develops, the required dental care changes. We continue to monitor the dentition for changes as well as early signs of problems. Dr. Milner keeps a close eye on your child's teeth to identify concerns and quickly intervene before they worsen.

Early Prevention - We provide regular checkups and dental cleanings twice a year to make sure your loved one’s teeth are thoroughly clean. We also apply dental sealants and topical fluoride to protect young smiles from decay. Our dentist advises parents on behaviors such as thumb sucking and pacifier use to make sure they do not affect children's future dental health.

Careful Intervention - For some children, we might see the necessity of early dental treatments. In the case of oral injury, bite issues, or bruxism (grinding), we can provide your child with services such as space maintainers, a nighttime mouth guard. For complex cases, we can refer your child to a skilled specialist. When necessary, we offer laughing gas sedation, also known as nitrous oxide, to help your child relax and feel at ease during treatment.

Promoting a Lifetime of Healthy Smiles in Springfield, IL

No matter the needs of your child's smile, we're always passionate about helping. At Milner Dentistry, we are ready to give your child their very best smile to enjoy for a lifetime. If you reside in Springfield or any of the nearby communities, our compassionate team is committed to providing you with suitable treatments personalized to your needs. Contact us today and schedule your child's dental visit.


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