Reap the Benefits of Dentures in the Springfield, IL, Area

You can lose your adult teeth for several reasons. You may have a genetic predisposition that leads to tooth loss, or you may lose teeth as you age. But no matter why you lose your teeth or how many gaps you have in your smile, you can still have a complete grin again. Come to Milner Dentistry in Springfield, IL, and we’ll use full or partial dentures to help you feel confident about your teeth again.

Our family-oriented and friendly dental practice has served hundreds of patients like you since 1987. We have experience with all kinds of tooth restoration options. Come in for a consultation today and we’ll 

examine your mouth and determine what denture option will work best for you.

Learn More About Your Denture Options

If you lose all of the teeth in your upper or lower arch (or both), then you will need full dentures. However, if you only lose several teeth in a row in an arch, you’ll only need a partial dental prosthetic. The partial option keeps your remaining natural teeth from shifting and causing jaw problems.

Additionally, you have other options to choose from at our office in Springfield, IL. If you need complete dentures, you can either have an immediate or conventional prosthetic. We create the immediate ones in advance and put them in place as soon as we remove your other teeth. With the immediate option, you will still have the ability to speak, chew, and smile comfortably while you heal.

We give you the conventional denture option four to six weeks after we remove your teeth, giving your gums time to heal. You will go without teeth during these few weeks, but you’ll end up with a dependable, durable dental appliance later.

Schedule Your First Appointment

If you think you could benefit from full or partial dentures, call our office in Springfield, IL at (217) 528-3384 to book your first consultation or schedule your appointment online. You’ll have a full smile and a supported jaw in no time, and you’ll speak, chew, and smile with ease and confidence. Get in touch to learn more.



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