Want a Whiter, Brighter Smile? Try Teeth Whitening in Springfield, IL!

Milner Dentistry offers teeth whitening services in Springfield, IL to help patients improve the appearance of their smiles. We use the latest methods of teeth whitening and can help patients remove years of staining for dramatically whiter teeth.  

What Causes Yellow Teeth?

Yellowing of the teeth can be caused by many different things, and in many cases, the problem develops due to multiple causes. Some of the things that can cause discoloration include: 

- Coffee 
- Tea 
- Red wine
- Soda 
- Smoking 
- Prescription medications 
- Lack of regular dental cleanings 

No matter what the underlying cause of the discoloration, staining occurs when materials collect on the outer surface of the dental enamel or in the lower layers of the enamel, producing stains that cannot be removed by tooth-brushing alone. 

What Is the Best Teeth Whitening Method?

Teeth whitening should always begin with a thorough cleaning to remove plaque and tartar that can make the teeth discolored. Then, patients should receive a complete dental exam to ensure that their teeth and gums are healthy and can safely be whitened. There are many treatment options available on the market and in the dental industry, including: 
Teeth-Whitening-Springfield-IL- Over-the-counter teeth whitening products, which are not effective at removing deep stains and pose risks for sensitivity and damage to dental enamel 
- In-office procedures 
- Professional at-home teeth whitening systems, which provide the convenience of at-home treatment with more effective, safer ingredients 

For teeth whitening at our Springfield dental practice, we rely on the NiteWhite and DayWhite professional teeth whitening system, which is gentle on the enamel and does not cause dehydration, greatly reducing the chances of sensitivity. 

What Are the Benefits of Whitening the Teeth?

Whiter teeth can dramatically improve your overall appearance, leading to many profound effects with your self-confidence. With a whiter smile, you'll feel more confident in professional and social situations, which can help you to relax and let our personality shine through. Your smile says a lot before you even say a word. 

Who Can Teeth Whitening Help?

 Teeth whitening is ideal for many people, including those with: 
- Yellow teeth 
- Stained teeth 
- An upcoming wedding or special event 
- A scheduled photo shoot for an engagement, modeling or family photos 
- Plans to interview for a new job 
- A big date on their calendars 

Do you Have Questions about Teeth Whitening Treatments or Products? Ready to Begin Your Teeth Whitening Treatment?

For more information about the professional teeth whitening services at Milner Dentistry in Springfield, IL contact our office today, or request an appointment online.


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